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Bunt Trading describes a unique approach to day-trading the markets. It is not scalping and it is not trend-following, but rather something very different. It differs not only in terms of the mechanics of trading, but also requires a very different mindset from other trading styles. A mindset that is more similar to any other type of job, business, or profession that you've experienced in the past. Therefore, a style of trading that feels more natural than some of the counter intuitive trading styles. Bunt trading requires focusing on both the psychological and mechanical skill aspects of trading simultaneously in small manageable increments that naturally leads to becoming a more consistent trader.


Watch The Intentional Trader trade live every day. Learn the setups and how to enter and exit trades with a profit. Witness the edge we have over the futures market and how we exploit it every day, typically several times a day.





If trade rooms are not your thing, then apply all of the NinjaTrader indicators and strategies that we use in our live trading every day to your own charts.



There is a lot more to being a successful trader than just entering and exiting trades. Learn about "The Other 80%" of trading that others do not teach. Our trade mentoring program has proven to be one of the best available.



FREE Market Replay Downloader

The Intentional Trader is proud to be affiliated with Market Replay Data. The Market Replay data tool allows mass download of replay data for multiple days & multiple instruments in just a few clicks. Gone are the days of individually downloading market replay data.

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