Special NinjaTrader 8 Announcement:

The Bunt Trading suite of indicators are now available for NinjaTrader 8!
We will still continue to fully support our NinjaTrader 7 indicators.
Upgrades to NinjaTrader 8 for existing customers will be available for free.

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Here at the Intentional Trader, we are focused in our mission to properly teach you how to day trade. Whether you are a beginning trader or a professional looking to improve your style, we offer the tools you need.

Bunt trading is a unique approach to trading the markets. It is not scalping, and it is not trend-following; rather, it's something very different. It differs not only in terms of the mechanics of trading but in requiring a very different mindset from other trading styles - a mindset that is more similar to any other type of job, business, or profession that you've experienced in the past. It is a style of trading that feels more natural than those counter-intuitive trading styles you might be used to.

Bunt trading requires focusing on both the psychological and mechanical skill aspects of trading simultaneously in small, manageable increments that naturally lead to more consistency in your trading. This unique approach to futures trading is our edge.

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