A Simple Setup Using Order Flow and Divergence August 10, 2017 16:30

Saturday Event

A Simple Setup Using Order Flow and Divergence

On Thursday, we introduced our simple algorithmic method for qualifying trades using easy to read indicators.

How do you read order flow and divergence on a chart so that you can use it consistently and effectively?

On Saturday, we'll show you how to easily apply divergence to your chart with one clean symbol. Divergence can give you a huge advantage in any system of trading, but we'll show you how we use it in our "Rock Star" setup: divergence combined with order flow.

We'll also discuss our SuperDivergence indicator. SuperDivergence gives us much greater flexibility and confirmation: it brings 5 additional oscillators to evaluate and allows us to confirm setups by lining up multiple divergence signals line for a powerful setups. Welcome to the divergence hall of fame!  

Where the magic happens: There is a specific relationship between order flow and momentum. This relationship, when you know what to look for, creates a reaction, and it's the exact SAME reaction nearly every time. If you know this in advance, then you have a silver bullet with which to solve a problem!

Join us on Saturday as we talk about:

  • How to know when order flow indicates an opportunity
  • How momentum is measured
  • What divergence is
  • When the relationship between momentum and order flow indicates an opportunity
  • How to harness this information to create a consistent trading advantage

Our mission is stress free trading. We want you to be confident in your system and tools, so that trading can be stress free for you too.

Saturday, August 12th

11AM Eastern US

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