Dear Santa December 11, 2017 11:59


Just a little consistent success please...

So you've resorted to begging a fat elf for guidance, eh? Wouldn't it be great if he could provide you some guidance in trading and show you the path to success? Just something to let you know that you CAN be a winning trader given the right tools and direction?

Santa please...

  • Show me an edge in the markets
  • Give me some tools to exploit that edge
  • Show me how to use those tools
  • Teach me all the things I don't know about being a successful trader
  • Show me somebody that has done it

Well, while Santa can't help you (he's toy guy after all), The Intentional Trader can and we can prove it to you! Join us on December 12th and we'll show you everything on your Santa wish list:

  • A simple trading system with an edge
  • Other traders input about their success rate with this system
  • A training program like no other
  • A weekly mentoring session teaching you what you don't even know you need to know
  • A top rated support staff eager to help

Don't leave it up to a magical elf or your gut feelings. You'll no doubt just end up disappointed again. Start now to make 2018 your most successful trading year ever!

Tuesday, December 12th

4:30PM Eastern US

Can't make it?

We know you're busy. Register anyway. We hope you're able to attend, but sometimes life happens. We'll send out the replay and other important info to all registrants.

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