Mastering A Trade January 22, 2018 17:23


A Simple Trade 

I think we can all agree, its pretty easy to make day trading very complicated. Too much information is not a good thing. It often leads to too much confusion and lack of confidence.

Keeping it simple is not as easy as it sounds sometimes. In this case, however, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised how easy we’ve made a very complex trade setup. We have tons of data points we’re reading in every single bar to create a very simple “Yes, trade it” or “Nope, its not right” type trade decision. All confusion and shades of grey are removed.

Join us this Thursday (January 25th) at 4:30PM Eastern Time where our lead trader (Tony) will teach how to practice and trade a very simple trading that works.

We'll make sure that we have plenty of time to answer any questions you have regarding Bunt Trading and our indicators. So why not join us to learn an approach to trading that could turn consistency and profitable around!

Thursday, January 25th

4:30PM US Eastern Time