Reactive Trading August 08, 2017 13:41

Thursday Event

Reactive Trading

Wish you had a crystal ball?

Have you ever looked at a trading chart and wished you had known about a price reversal before it happened? Of course you have. We all want to know what’s going to happen before it actually happens. That would give us an edge, right? 

Finding an edge... 

Let’s say that you know about a specific event that happens in the markets every day, several times a day. If you knew what was likely to happen immediately following this event occurrence, would that give you an edge? You would just need to react once this event has occurred. Would it matter if it was a trend or counter trend reaction to the event? Would it matter if it was long term, short term, or scalping, as long as it was a quantifiable and highly probable edge? Not really. Having an exploitable edge is all that it takes to generate income from trading.

Thursday, August 10th

4:30PM Eastern US

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