Small PullBacks, Consistent Results August 15, 2017 13:21

Thursday Event

Small PullBacks, Consistent Results

Calling all Forex and Futures traders! The #1 question we get at events is: “Do the indicators work on Forex charts?” We are Futures traders but we want Forex traders to be able to trade the same type of simple, clean setups that we have been trading for over 7 years. Thanks to our skilled programmers, we have retooled our key “trigger” indicator to pick up the nuances of Forex charts!

The key to day trading is being able to identify and exploit an edge, or a competitive advantage, that you have against the other traders in the market. The most important fact is not how big of an edge you have but how exploitable that edge is on a regular basis.

Pullbacks from a trend happen every day in every market. These pullback scan be very big moves, but more often they are relatively small moves. These small moves tend to get ignored by most traders and are usually dismissed as just the regular ebb and flow of the markets. These traders feel that small pullbacks are not really big enough to make any serious money from and are just something to be endured during the normal course of trading.

For those that know how to look for them, though, these pullbacks are just too easy to spot and profit from to be ignored. Some of the advantages to trading pullbacks are:

Tired of trying to hit the big home run winner? We'll show you how we use the specific tools to determine precise points where the markets will turn and pullback.

Join us this Thursday to learn more how our indicators are tooled for Forex and introduce our trading methodology.

Thursday, August 17th

4:30PM Eastern US

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