VIP Series: "Ah-Ha!" Moments to Better Trading


This invaluable feature of the VIP Package is centered on 5 predominant themes to successful trading delivered in short and concise 30-45 minute sessions. At the end of the series, we hope that you become a better informed trader and are able to hit the road running.  

What does the series entail? 

First, we will answer frequently asked questions from members or guests such as: "So how did Tony transform his trading?" And the classic question, "How exactly did he go from being an unprofitable trader to being able to leave his previous career and trade for a living?"  

These answers will be quite detailed and will illustrate Tony's journey from being a frustrated, tired, and unprofitable trader on the verge of quitting to being a very profitable professional trader with trading as his primary source of income.  

This series will cover the full spectrum of the absolute trading essentials, from taking your trading from a mere hobby to a full fledged business, to effectively utilizing a trade log. We will also cover: developing and managing a dynamic trading plan, practicing and perfecting the craft, and, most importantly, how to develop the right mindset for trading.

The course is structured into particular themes which we will alternate each lesson. The themes are:

Ah-Ha! Moments: Trade Log 

  • Introduction to the Series – a roadmap to the series and its objectives
  • Trade Log – we’ll provide you with a template to start with and discuss how to use the log
  • Importance of being accountable and tips for eliminating your undesirable habits
  • Screen Capture software – free and easy
  • Recording software – for a more in-depth review
  • Accessing and using our Trade Room Videos

Ah-Ha! Moments: Smart Trade Practicing

  • Importance of daily dedicated practice time and what to include
  • Market Replay – no more disorganized replay sessions! We’ll show you how to practice with a purpose
  • Video Playback – watch playbacks just like top athletes
  • Record Personal Trading Sessions – zero in on what you need 

Ah-Ha! Moments: Setting Attainable Goals

  • The logic of 1 Tick a Day and why you might want to rethink your goals and targets
  • Don’t show me the money – focus on winning trades
  • How to walk away – the need for daily net wins and losses
  • The magic of consecutive winning days – it’s all about consistency and confidence

Ah-Ha! Moments: Stop “Learning” to Trade and Start Trading for Your Business...

  • Your Business Plan: getting the pieces together
    • Setting up your own business – the nuts and bolts
    • Running your business like a business – do whatever it takes to make it succeed
    • Business plan building – we’ll go over:
      • Mission Statement
      • Executive summary (business description)
      • Funding
      • Financial goals
      • Business structure
      • And much more
  • Your Goal Plan:
    • Setting short, medium, and long-term goals and what it takes to achieve each step
  • Your Trade Plan: getting the details worked out:
    • What is your personal trading risk profile? Developing and documenting your risk profile so that you can easily apply it to your trading
    • Trade plan for the lead trader of your business
    • What trades will you always take? What will you pass on and why? Define your rules for each setup clearly so that anyone can follow it
    • Define grey areas (Bubbles of Knowledge) – lather up!
      • How to balance following your Plan with changing it
        • Your Transition Plan: you’d like to stay at your job,’s time to kiss it goodbye!
          • Plan to transition to full time professional trader

          Ah-Ha! Moments: The “You” Factor in Trading

          • Eradicating faulty assumptions about what you think trading is all about
          • Changing your perspective
          • Developing focus and intention
          • Keeping The Golden Cs in mind
            • Clear the Clutter
            • Consistency – simplicity is the key
            • Conditioning – throw out any old doubts
            • Confidence – you’ve traded successfully a 100 times, do it a 100 more
            • Capital Preservation – knowing when to stay out of the market
          • Trading without discipline – where confidence and the right set of rules meet
          • More on doing the “Hard Work” of trading
          • The problem with old “conventional wisdoms”
          • Trading as a process of continuous learning
          • Trading as a journey to personal growth – master trading, master yourself (or vice-versa)