For years, people requested that we automate our Bunt Trading system. We answered this request by partnering with Shark Indicators, and the result is a trader's best friend!

BloodHound by Shark Indicators is the perfect tool to use to develop our unique and highly accurate trading system into a powerhouse trade signal generator or fully automatic autotrader. Our step-by-step Bunt Trading qualifying process easily lends itself to a discretionary or automated trading system.


If you know anything about our Bunt Trading indicators, setups, and trading system, you already know that we have a huge edge over the markets simply trading the setups that the markets provide for us.


Bunt Trading and BloodHound were made for each other. By adding BloodHound (we call this happy marriage BuntHound) we can make the process of identifying only the best trade setups even easier. You can mix and match our signals, test setups, and even develop an autotrader easily with BloodHound and Raven - the free strategy component that comes with BloodHound. We have BloodHound templates ready to go that simulate our setups the way we trade them so you can be up and running in minimal time!

Back test as many BuntHound trade setup scenarios as you like using the uniquely visual and highly intuitive user interface.