So you're thinking about a week trial in the trade room?



We’ve all been there. You’re trying to find an edge. You’re looking for the best way to learn what you need to learn before making an investment in a trading product or service.

You might think that sitting in a trade room to learn about a system, moderator, or set of indicators is a good way to find out what you want to know.

Did you know this is actually the LEAST accurate and efficient way to find out? And it’s a particularly inefficient way to gather information about our products and services at The Intentional Trader.

Do any of these fit you? Maybe you would like to come to our trial trade room to:

  • Understand how the Bunt Trading system works 
  • Confirm that the Bunt system has an edge against other traders in the markets
  • Understand if it is something easy enough to learn
  • See lots of winning trades every day
  • Observe the indicators printing in real time as the condition becomes apparent and there’s no back painting of indicator signals.
  • Confirm that the moderators are calling out trades before they enter a trade
  • Identify indicators to help with tuning your own trading system.

These are all great reasons, and we’re very excited to show you how our Bunt style of trading has a demonstrable edge, but an edge in trading is measured over a longer period of time than just a few days.  

Bunt Trading has an elementary qualifying process; that means we use a simple confluence of conditions to identify, enter, manage, and exit a trade. If that step-by-step process isn’t happening, we sit quietly and wait until it does. 

Trades can be many and come rapidly with lots of excitement, or we could wait for a long time for a trade setup. Unfortunately, you may not get an accurate picture of our trading style and trading activity in just a few short days. Because we don’t force trades, we are at the mercy of the market conditions. 

We have a much better way for you to learn about us. We have starter material and dozens of videos that can explain and teach the Bunt Trading system MUCH more efficiently than taking a trial in our trade room.


I’d still like to take a trade room trial