TRS6 Special

Haven't had the chance to purchase all of the indicators that we use daily yet? Well now is the time! We hear everyday that our real-time indicators are not like anything else out there and our format is essential to making quick decisions. They are like the "cellphones of did I ever live without them?". You'll be able to recreate the entire trade room right on your very own PC which you'll be able to use at your convenience. 

This popular bundle includes ALL of the indicators that we use in the trade room everyday!

With the Trade Room Suite 6.0, you have all this power:

SpeedTick (order flow) OBOS (based on RSI, CCI or other)
Ricochet (tape reading) MacDiver (MACD Divergence)
Flash (divergence)
First Touch Reset (relative strength)  Mometer (Momentum)
PullBack Alert (Volume Spread Analysis) Intentional Entries (IE)
Pocket Dot

The TRS6 bundle is a $4085 value but you can purchase it for a single payment of only $2010 until Wednesday, September 28th, 10PM U.S. EST.

That's over 50% off! 

 The first 5 to invest receive one month of our VIP Program. Join us for our weekly VIP Ah-Ha sessions and use our Fast Forward program to start mastering our setups and to develop a strong practice routine (a $220 value).

Ready to Buy?

Single Payment of $2,010:    


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VIP Package



 Trade Room Suite of Indicators (TRS6)


Trade Room 

FTReset License
OBOS License
SpeedTick License

PullBack Alert License

Flash License
Ricochet License
Rolling Pivots License
PocketDot License
IE License
Velocity Indicator
Mometer Indicator
MacDiver Indicator
Remote Installation and Configuration
"Ah Ha!" Moments Better Trading Series
Priority Support
new Trade Room Indicators
Trade Room
1 Month Room

Already Included 

 Already Included

SPECIAL OFFER PRICE: Ask Lisa Ask Lisa $2,010  Ask Lisa
Special Offer Savings of:  $2,075  

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