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How to use NinjaTrader for Free

Conner Peterson

Many people are eager to use NinjaTrader platform, but they pass up the opportunity because they believe that switching to NinjaTrader will cost them money. IT IS FREE TO USE. You can also stay with your current broker and chart with NinjaTrader for free. Watch the NinjaTrader charts and place your trades however you wish. Now that we have established that NinjaTrader is free to use, let’s get you all set up. 



Step one: Install NinjaTrader

Pretty self-explanatory. Just go to NinjaTrader's website and enter your email then click “Download FREE Platform”. 

NinjaTrader Get Started

Once you start your download you will receive a pop-up that asks “Do you want FREE live market data?” Select Yes and fill out the fields required then submit. This will provide you with free data for 2 weeks.

Enter your details: First name, Last name, Phone, Country and press “Submit”.

Afterwards, you will be redirected to a page that will allow you to download the platform. However, if you already have NinjaTrader 7 or 8, then you are free to skip this step.

NinjaTrader Download


You will receive an email with credentials to login to your demo data feed will be sent within 15 minutes from CQG. After downloading and opening the platform, you will need to add your free data feed.

1. To add your data feed, Go to “Tools” and click on “Account Connections”.

Account Connection2. Click on “Add”

Add Data Connection

3. Enter any desired name for the connection and ensure that “NinjaTrader Continuum” is the data feed connection (it should automatically be selected).

4. Enter your Username and Password that you have received from an email by CQG.

5. Click on “Demo Mode”.

6. Click on “OK” on the warning. These are just required disclaimers from CQG stating the limitations of this data feed and NinjaTrader entry through the DOMs (either it be Static or Dynamic)

7.Then, you’ll be ready to use NinjaTrader with a demo data feed for FREE!

NinjaTrader Running


 *The free data is a 2 week trial. Charting with NinjaTrader is completely free. 
(Like having a free grill, but having to provide the propane/charcoal)

NinjaTrader Package Comparison