Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are the questions that you may have when you join us!

How do I log in?

When does the Trade Room Open and Close?

How I do navigate the members' area?

How do I join the Trade Room?

How do I get started trading with these indicators?

Is there a guide to help me get started?

I need help downloading the indicators, where are instructions?

How I do Join the FF and VIP Rooms? What is the schedule?

How do I license my indicators?

How do I request an Installation?

What I do to get prepared for the Installation?

Where do I find important economic news announcements?

What are the contact details of the Intentional Trader Staff?

Technical Questions:

 What are the necessary PC Specifications needed to trade reliably?

 What is the minimum internet speed needed to trade?


How do I log in?

To log in, go to the top of any The Intentional Trader Webpage and click the Green login button as follows:

To find your Username and Password, check the first email you have received from us and use those details to login. If you have any problem in login, please email and we will be more than happy to retrieve your username and password for you.

PLEASE NOTE: If did not the receive the login email from us (The Intentional Trader), please check your spam folders and any other email accounts you might have used to sign up with. 

Upon successful login, you'll be in our Members' Area page. The members area page is your portal to the all of the Intentional Trader services that we offer. To navigate to a page, simply click any of the icons to proceed. A small title will appear when you hover over any icon. 



When does the Trade Room open and close?

The trade room opens every weekday from 8.30AM to 12.00PM U.S. Eastern Time 



How do I navigate the members' area?

To navigate the members' area, Watch this short video.



How do I join the Trade Room?

To join the Trade Room, go to the Members area by clicking on the "Members Only" link in the menu at the top of the webpage. Then, scroll down and select the below image:

Then enter your Name and email and click "Join Room".

Need further help? Watch this short video



How do I get started with trading these indicators? 

If you're unsure on the process of using the indicators, please follow this list:

Step 1. Once you have purchased our indicators, you'll need to download a platform called "NinjaTrader 7". To start downloading the platform, enter your email in the box and click the "Download now: FREE to use".  

If you wish trade standard market hours, you'll need a data feed as that will help NinjaTrader to receive data from the markets. NinjaTrader on its own does not have a connection to the futures market. Therefore, to actually trade any market you need to connect it to a feed. 

Then the platform will start downloading. To open it, click the downloaded file and it will initiate the install process. Click on the "Next" buttons to proceed with the installation. If you have any problems, please contact support to see if our support team can help you through the process. 

When you have installed NinjaTrader 7, you'll need your license key when you first run the trading platform. You can find this license key in your email (NinjaTrader should have sent you one through email). If you haven't received this email, please check your "spam" folder to ensure it wasn't accidentally filtered by your "anti-spam" detection system. Once you have that ID, open NinjaTrader 7 and enter that ID into the box that pops up on its first run. 

If you are planning to trade during normal market hours, you'll need to add a connection. Your support representative can help you get this fully set up during the remote indicator installation if you select that option. However, if you aren't selecting that option, please view this page

Step 2. After installing NinjaTrader 7, you'll need to license your indicators. To license your indicators, refer to these instructions.

Step 3. After licensing, you can you either download the indicators yourself or ask someone else to do so.

Step 4. To expedite your learning process, please view our Quick Start Reference.


Is there a guide to help me get started?

Yes, there is a guide to get you acquainted with our trading system. It will be your one stop documentation destination if you have questions about our indicators, setups or jargon that we use in the trade room. 

If you are a trial member, it will be at the top of your webpage with a link titled "Quick Start Reference". For all other members, please download the guide here: Click Here to Download



I need help downloading the indicators, where are the instructions?

If you have recently purchased the indicators and you wish to download them to your computer, please login to the members area (see the above instructions if you need help logging in). Once logged in, scroll down and click on the "Indicator Downloads" button illustrated below:

That page will allow you to download the indicators & settings coupled with basic instructions on how to install the indicators.  

Note: Downloading indicators only saves them onto your computer. They will still need to be imported into your trading platform.

If you would like an IT staff to remotely install the indicators into your trading platform please contact support. They will arrange a time to meet with you to install your indicators*

*Please note that free installations are only for customers who have purchased a package. Standalone indicator installations will be available for an additional fee. 



How do I join the Fast Forward and VIP Training Rooms and what are the schedules for them?

*The below require membership to our Fast Forward Program and/or VIP membership.
To join the Fast Forward Room, follow the instructions below:

1.) Log in to the members' area (see instructions above)

2.) Scroll down and click on the "Fast Forward" Icon 

3.) Click the image that says "Fast Forward Training Room"

4.) Enter your Name and email

To Join the VIP Room:

1.) Log in to the members' area (see instructions above)

2.) In the grey colored box (named "VIP Quicklinks") click the "VIP Lounge" icon

3.) Enter your Name and Email

Fast Forward - Every Tuesday 12:15PM US Eastern Time
VIP Lounge/Ah-Ha Moments - Every Wednesday 12:15PM US Eastern Time



How do I license my indicators?

Licensing your indicators is a prerequisite before you start using any Intentional Trader indicator or package. It helps us to identify who owns indicators and helps reduce counterfeit indicator use. To license your indicators, please login to the members area (refer to Answer 1) and then click on the "Indicator Downloads" icon which looks like this:

Scroll down until you see "Step 1: License Your Indicators" and start filling the required fields. If you're having trouble finding your Machine ID, please refer to the instructions just above "Step 1: License Your Indicators".

After completing the form, please wait upto 24 hours to receive a confirmation that your licensing request has been processed and fulfilled successfully. Then you are ready to install the indicators on your own or through our support team who will do it for you without charge*

*Please note that free installations are only for customers who have purchased a package. Standalone indicator installations will attract a fee. 


How do I request someone to remotely install my indicator package on my computer for me?

To request an installation, please ensure that you are have first licensed your indicators. If you are unsure on how to license your indicators, please refer to the answer above. Once you have licensed your installation, please email and one of our representatives will send you instructions on how to book a time for an installation.



What do I do to get prepared for the installation?

To get prepared for the installation, please download and install a free and safe software called TeamViewer. Simply install and run the application. When preparing to meet with the support representative, provide your TeamViewer Username and Password to the support representative via email or skype chat.

Need further instructions? Click here to watch a video



Where do I find important economic news announcements?

We use Forex Factory for our news announcements.



What are the contact Details of the Intentional Trader Staff? 

To contact us for any support issues, please use: or click the "Request Support" button on the right side of this page.



What are the necessary computer specifications need to trade reliably?

Since our indicators are very high performance and can take a large amount of resources on the initial loading of a chart, we suggest a computer that medium to the high range in its performance. Although our indicators can be used on any computer regardless of specifications (unless they are below NinjaTrader requirements), to trade with confidence it's always best to use a computer (also known as a "PC" or a Personal Computer) that is as up to date as possible. As a general rule, having a PC that is purchased in 2014/2015 will have much better performance than a PC purchased in 2010. Here are some suggested core Specifications:

3rd Generation Intel Core i5
8GB of DDR3 RAM (Double Data Rate 3)
500GB @ 7200RPM Hard Drive

Other specifications like the Graphics Card (also called the GPU or Graphics Processing Unit) can be ignored.



What is the minimum internet speed needed?

The minimum internet speed needed for trading our system is 1mb/s download speed and a 0.5 mb/s upload speed. This only applies if you are living in the United States, Canada & Latin America. For UK clients, a 2mb/s download and 1mb/s upload is recommended. For clients in Asia and Oceania, a minimum of 4mb/s download and 2mb/s upload is required.

Note: mb/s = megabits whilst MB/s = megabytes. 1 megabit is smaller than 1 megabyte (there 8 bits to every 1 byte). So having a speed of 1mb/s (or 1 megabit per second) means that you can download at 0.125 megabytes per second or you can download a small film in 27minutes. Please contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP, your cable/DSL provider) if your speeds are below 1 megabit per second.

US/Canada: 4mb/s download, 1 mb/s upload - wireless not acceptable 
Latin America: 5.5mb/s download, 1.5mb/s upload - wireless not acceptable
Europe/UK: 6mb/s download, 1.5mb/s upload - wireless not acceptable
Asia/Oceania: 8-24mb/s download, 1.5mb/s upload (to account for distance) - wireless not acceptable