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Are you sitting on the fence about any of our products? Well wait no further, as everything we have on offer at The Intentional Trader is 20% off. This includes everything from our indicators, bundles to the fast forward program. So now is the time to get your Bunt on before this very unique offer ends!*

Here's a some of most popular packages at 20% off:

Trade Room Suite All of our indicators in 1 package!
  • $565 off!
  • SpeedTick
  • Ricochet
  • Flash
  • MacDiver
  • Ricochet
  • First Touch Reset
  • PullBack Alert
  • OverBought/OverSold (OBOS)
  • Velocity
  • Mometer
  • SuperDivergence
The VIP Package The ultimate Bunt package!
  • $1019 off!
  • The Trade Room Suite Indicators
  • Unlimited Trade Room Subscription
  • License to all future Trade Room Indicators
  • The Ah-Ha Moments VIP Series
  • FREE Top Priority Support
  • Trade Room Video Replays
  • The Daily Trade Setups Report
  • The Fast Forward Training Program
  • TopStepTrader Combine Sponsorship
  • Unlimited Install Requests
  • The ultimate one and done package
Starter Package An inexpensive way to get started
  • $219 off!
  • The Flash
  • The SpeedTick
  • The First Touch Reset
  • OTS
  • ColoredMA
  • Bar Timer
  • `
  • `
  • `
  • `
  • `

Offer expires Wednesday, February 22nd, 10PM, US EST


Already an exisiting customer and want to upgrade? Email Lisa at: lisa@theintentionaltrader.com

*Discount does not apply to the Rx Training Program


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VIP Program



 Trade Room Suite of Indicators (TRS7)


Unlimited Trade Room 

FTReset Unlimited License
OBOS Unlimited License
SpeedTick Unlimited License

PullBack Alert Unlimited License

Flash Unlimited License
SuperD Unlimited License
Ricochet Unlimited License
Rolling Pivots Unlimited License
PocketDot Unlimited License
IE Unlimited License
Velocity Indicator
Mometer Indicator
MacDiver Indicator
Remote Installation and Configuration
"Ah Ha!" Moments Better Trading Series
Fast Forward Program
Priority Support
Unlimited new Trade Room Indicators
Unlimited Trade Room
1 Month Room

Already Included

Already Included

SPECIAL OFFER PRICE: $4,076 $1,772 $2,260 $1,300
Special Offer Savings of: $1,019 $443 $565 $325

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