Our Trading Philosophy

The Intentional Trader trading philosophy is to keep it simple. We know that there are numerous ways to make money in the markets. Not all of them work for all people. However, we came up with a system that has allowed us to become consistent traders and trade full time for a living.

Trade what you see

We have created setups that are so easy to see and understand that the trader no longer needs to study the charts to try to determine if a trade setup exists. Because setups are so easy to recognize, it is much easier to be patient and wait for them.


Trade for a consistent income

Trading is not a "get rich quick" endeavor for us. We treat trading like a business and a profession. We do not trade to achieve riches. But with consistency, anything is possible.


Stay out of the markets as much as possible to avoid unforeseen volatility

The markets are very different than they were just a very short time ago. The less exposure to volatility, the less likely your trading account will suffer from it. We concentrate our efforts on very specific types of trade setups that get us into and out of the market in just minutes or seconds per trade setup. We often do this several times per day.


Trade pullbacks and continuations

Pullbacks and continuations of a trend are our speciality. We have been able to determine with a high degree of probability when one of these conditions is about to occur.


Add layers of confluence to confirm trade setups

Rather than using a single indicator to determine if a pullback or continuation exists or is about to occur, we layer several different indicators to get some agreement between them, often referred to as confluence. These different indicators have entirely different criteria for determining the condition. It is not uncommon for us to have 4 or more different indicators indicating that we will be experiencing a pullback or continuation.


Multiple risk level entries for each setup

Not all traders have the same level of risk tolerance. Our setups have multiple entries and allow the trader to determine the best entry for their level of risk. Conservative trades are encouraged for traders that are new to trading our system. As their proficiency and level of comfort increase, they will often successfully trade what we call "less than" conservative trades. None of our trade setups are considered aggressive as that would imply that they are high risk trades.


Stay out of the market when it is not in favor of our trade system

Our system and indicators keep us out of trades when the market is not moving in our favor. If our indicators do not give us multiple levels of confluence, we simply do not trade. This trading strategy teaches patience and creates a more calm and relaxed trading day.


Stay out when extreme volatility is expected

When we know that an event is scheduled that will create an unstable or volatile condition in the markets, we will not take trades during those times. Market opens and scheduled news events or reports are good examples of this.


Not losing money is almost as good as making money

There is no shame in doing nothing and being patient. Traders do not need to be constantly trading to justify their existence. If the market is not handing us the trades we are waiting for, then we'll wait. If it never does turn in our direction during the trading day, we still consider it a successful day.