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Success in trading depends on knowing who the players are and how they are most likely to act. You can’t know all of the players personally, but by having the right indicators and rules to use them, you can use the information that the market provides to your advantage.

Invest in the PullBack Bundle of indicators or our VIP Program today, and get up to speed on how to trade our system next week! How?

Our 3-day Tip the Markets in Your Favor training course will walk you through what you need to know to be proficient as a BUNT Trader. We will meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week (March 21 – 23; times to be determined).  

  • Days 1 and 3 (open to PullBack Bundle owners and VIPs): the mechanics of how we trade and use the indicator; Market structure and why our system works.
  • Day 2 : trading as a business; how to use VIP services (the Fast Forward Program, Ah-Ha Session and more).
VIP: Single Payment of $4245
PullBack Bundle: Single Payment of $1770  
Offers Extended to March 27th, 10PM ET

Got Questions? Please contact Lisa at: lisa@theintentionaltrader.com

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VIP Program



 Trade Room Suite of Indicators (TRS7)


Trade Room 

FTReset License
OBOS License
SpeedTick License

PullBack Alert License

Flash License
SuperD License
Ricochet License
Rolling Pivots License
PocketDot License
IE License
Velocity Indicator
Mometer Indicator
MacDiver Indicator
Remote Installation and Configuration
"Ah Ha!" Moments Better Trading Series
Fast Forward Program
Priority Support
new Trade Room Indicators
Trade Room
1 Month Room

Already Included

Already Included

SPECIAL OFFER PRICE: $4,245 $1,770 Ask Lisa  Ask Lisa
Special Offer Savings of: $4305 $1830    

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