Nice! You probably landed on this page because you want to see what Bunt Trading is all about. Maybe you want to see if we really have the strong edge that you’ve heard about. Maybe you want to see how our indicators work and if they’d help augment a trading system you’re already trading. That’s great, we’re glad you’re here.

The Most Inefficient Way To Learn

Did you know we have more efficient ways of learning about what we do here? Many people believe that sitting in a trade room watching others trading is the most efficient way to learn about us. The fact is, it’s actually the LEAST efficient way because we have media that can help you learn everything you need to know in just a fraction of the time you’d spend learning it in the trade room. To find out more about this information click here. “Don’t have time to spend over 17 hours in a trade room just to see if we are real or a good fit for you? No problem, we’ve got everything you need right here” (typical week, etc).

Still want to take a trial of the trade room?

If you’ve come this far, you are undaunted by the amount of hours required to learn about us by sitting in the trade room. We’re totally ok with that, but have just a few things for you to consider first before you go any further:

You probably don't want to take a trade room trial with us if you...

  • Are looking for the holy grail of trading (the easy way)
  • Think that professional traders and moderators know exactly what the markets are going to do at all times and therefore win nearly every trade every day.
  • Expect to just copy the moderators trade calls
  • Expect high energy and lots of chatter from the moderators
  • Expect lots of exciting trade setups
  • Expect to be trading successfully with us after just a few hours

If any of the above statements apply to you (consciously or subconsciously) then you probably have some unrealistic expectations and you won’t get much out of being in our trade room. You probably shouldn’t waste your time.

But, if you…

  • Are looking for an honest trade room where everybody posts winners and losers
  • Have a realistic understanding that most of the time trading is all about waiting patiently for a set of conditions to present themselves.
  • Have a realistic understanding that ALL traders have winning days and losing days, even moderators and system developers.

...then you just might find our trade room to be informative and enjoyable. We welcome you with open arms.