Fast Forward Training Program

$ 1,095.00

Have you always wanted to trade but never could because of time conflicts?

Are you an on-the-go professional that wants to transition to full time trading?

Are you located in an unfavorable time-zone for the US markets?

Are you struggling to develop a productive practice routine?

The Fast Forward Program is designed to cater to people who may not have time to attend our Trade Room but still want to learn how to trade.


The Fast Forward program includes:

  •  The Trade Room Archive - Access our large storage of past trading days ($320 value)
  •  Potential Trade Setup Report - report detailing potential trade setups for the day in a neat, concise webpage: an invaluable learning asset! ($350 Value)
  •  Detailed How-to Video Series ($600 value)
  •  Personal Trade Practice Journal ($170 Value)
  •  FREE: Market Replay Data Downloader - Download Multiple days of replay data on multiple instruments with 1 Click.
  •  Remote Assistance with NinjaTrader and Market Replay
  •  Remote Installation and Configuration of Indicator Package - installation on your Ninjatrader platform and a private tutorial on the special features of the indicators ($250 Value)
  •  Frequent Group Training Sessions ($300 Value)
  •  Free Month in the Trade Room ($179 Value)
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