1 Month Trial Trade Room Membership

$ 350.00

The Trade Room hours: Monday - Friday 9:00am - 12 noon Eastern Time (except holidays and the week between Christmas and New Years). Moderators come onto the mic at 9:30am.

We trade the futures markets: Gold (GC), WTI Sweet Crude Oil (CL), Euro FX (6E), Dow E-minis (YM), S&P 500 E-minis (ES)
The atmosphere is light and fun with no pressure. New members are welcomed like family and can participate at whatever level they feel comfortable. Many would prefer to observe quietly while others would like to ask many questions. We encourage you to be comfortable and more importantly, be yourself. We do not allow egos to intrude on our trading or relationships. You will immediately notice that this is not one of those trading rooms where nobody ever loses and you are the only one that does not understand. We all trade, win, and lose together. No smoke and mirror entries or exits, or impossible fills.

A one month trial is valid for one calendar month from your preferred start date. 

Why do we charge for a trial?

For many years, we gave free trials to anyone who asked for it. It was our assumption that only people who were truly interested in giving our system a fair evaluation would sign up for a trial. During the free trials, we did our best to answer questions and took the necessary time with each person to make sure that they understood our system. However, as it turned out, most people who signed up for a free trial did not actually have any intention of truly evaluating our system, indicators, or trade rooms. In fact, most were simply looking for something for free, or more likely were looking for the elusive "Holy Grail" of trading. 

With a paid trial experience, we hope to attract only those who have realistic expectations of trading rooms, indicators, and systems; and have an investment in the evaluation of our products and services. To that end, we will give extra attention to helping the paid trial members get up to speed evaluating our system as quickly as possible.

Should you decide that our system, trade rooms, indicators, or education courses can help your trading, then we will credit the $179 towards the purchase of any of our products or services.*

*Purchase must be executed prior to the expiration of the paid trial period

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