The RockStar

$ 550.00

RockStar only for NinjaTrader 8

The RockStar is a combination of our HUD (Heads-Up-Display) indicators that, when a confluence of positive conditions exist, will generate a signal to let the trader know that there is a confluence of events that might require his/her attention. Like any other indicator for NinjaTrader (or any other trading platform), this indicator does not tell the trader when to take a trade. It simply alerts the trader to a confluence of market events that could help the trader anticipate a change in the market.

The RockStar consists of these HUD indicators.

  • SpeedTick (Identify “Smart Money” or mechanical market manipulations)
  • SuperD (Identify when price and momentum no longer agree with each other)
  • OBOS (Identify when price is likely to become exhausted)

Although these 3 indicators are used to generate a signal, the trader may choose to use additional HUD indicators  to qualify the generated signal as a potential trade setup.

The RockStar combines some very powerful technical analysis techniques.

  • Order Flow
  • Divergence
  • Momentum
  • Exhaustion

Using these techniques, the RockStar is measuring strengths in the current conditions to anticipate the inevitable weaknesses. These weaknesses are ideal points in the market to exploit pullbacks or retracements either by trading these pullback (Bunt style of trading), or for scaling out of trades taking profits along a longer trend trade.

For our Bunt Trading, we have some very specific conditions and rules for trading our trade setups. The RockStar indicator is a tool to make those trade setups easier to identify and execute a trade. Click here to learn more about our SpeedFlash/SpeedMac trade setups and why they work so well.

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