Trade℞ Mentoring Program

$ 2,445.00

Tune up or major overhaul, Trade℞ will make you a better trader

The Trade℞ Standard: 100% Personalized 1-on-1 Daily Mentoring

Our Trade℞ Program is one of a kind; you won't find anything else like it. We do not hand you a bunch of stuff to read and then have a talk with you once a week to see how you are doing. That's just a cop out and is not true mentoring.

Trade℞ mentors will help you analyze every single trade that you take, usually on the same day that you take them. You trade with your mentor and can have open discussions with them during the trading session via Skype.

Your mentor's job is not just to teach you the mechanics of trading but to provide you with the structure to help you manage the psychological and emotional aspects at the same time. If you begin to fall back into old habits, your mentor (also known as your Accountability Buddy) will help you when you are getting weak and steer you back on course.

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